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My gaming computer setup for PLN 6,000

Dive with me into the details of my new computer set, which I put together for PLN 6,000. In this video I'll show you how I selected components that offer optimal performance and quality for gaming and creative work. Let's take a closer look at what makes this piece of equipment not only powerful, but also aesthetically perfect. Follow me through the process of building, testing and evaluating how it performs in the latest gaming titles and everyday tasks. Find out if investing in high-quality components actually improves the user experience and if it's a set you would want to have yourself.

My personal command center

This is where I spend most of my time creating, playing and exploring digital worlds. This photo captured my station, the heart of my daily creativity and productivity. There is harmony on the desk between aesthetics and functionality - each element has its place and purpose. The dual-monitor setup allows for seamless transitions between work and play, and specially selected equipment ensures comfort and efficiency regardless of the task. This is where I code, edit, stream and follow the latest trends in technology.

TOP 5 GAMING HEADPHONES UP TO PLN 150/200/300 | The best headphones [2021]

Searching for the perfect gaming headphones can be a challenge, especially when you stick to a specific budget. In this guide, we present carefully selected TOP 5 gaming headphones that will provide you with excellent sound quality and wearing comfort, all in three price categories: up to PLN 150, PLN 200 and PLN 300. We analyzed the market, testing a variety of models to find those that stand out in both audio quality and durability. Whether you are looking for headphones with a microphone with crystal-clear sound, or your priority is comfort during gaming marathons - we have proposals that will meet your expectations. Let's go through the list of the best gaming headphones for every gamer that won't break the bank in 2021.

Me and my room

A reflection of everyday passion: this photo, captured in a mirror, sheds new light on the space where passion meets everyday life. My position, visible in the background, is not only a place of work or entertainment, but also a personal command center, where every detail has its importance. From the carefully selected equipment to the placement of each element, this stage reflects attention to every aspect of use - all to create a space that inspires new ideas, develops skills and provides relaxation after a day full of challenges. This is where strategies become reality and virtual worlds come to life.

TOP 5 GAMING KEYBOARDS UP TO PLN 200 | Best Keyboards [2021]

The keyboard is the basis of every player's arsenal, and its choice can significantly affect the comfort and effectiveness of the game. In this article, we will focus on the TOP 5 gaming keyboards that combine high functionality and style, all while maintaining a budget of up to PLN 200. In 2021, the market is full of keyboards designed specifically for gamers, offering not only RGB LED and programmable keys, but also reliability and durability for years. From mechanical to membrane, from minimalist to feature-packed, we've analyzed the wide range of options available to bring you a guide to the best keyboards that will let you dominate your gaming without spending a fortune. Discover with us keyboards that provide the best value for money on the market.

My computer and its building

Under my care: In this photo I proudly hold my computer - not just a machine, but a tool and partner in my daily electronic odyssey. Inside its casing lies the power that fuels games, projects, and endless hours of learning and discovery. Each component was selected with precision, creating a set that is a reflection of my ambitions and passions. This command center is as personal as it is powerful, a space where digital dreams become reality.